For 7 years, IntercambioInternacional Pumais a benchmark in Mexico for the integration of foreign students into Mexican culture. But our history dates back to 2011.

At the University of Oslo, Norway, Pablo as an exchange student found a University program where local students were in charge of integrating all Erasmus students to a new country in a friendly and personal way.

From that experience, a unique idea was imported, since at UNAM there was no similar initiative that integrated foreign students in Mexico.

The goodwill and effectiveness of the project by student volunteers made the exchangers themselves request the events. In 2013 a solid structure was defined with larger trips and excursions: IIPUMA was formally born.

In less than a decade, IIPUMA positioned itself as an organization that integrates not only UNAM students, but visitors, tourists and students from other universities in Mexico who seek IIPUMA for its human sense and the authentic support networks that result at global scale.

Promote the integration between exchange students, international and national visitors in Mexico City and into Mexican culture through recreational, cultural and ludic experiences.

To be the leading organization in Mexico for experiencing international exchange, national mobility and immersion to Mexican culture with worldwide recognition

We strengthen and treasure values such as multiculturalism, interculturality, tolerance and equity. As well as respect and cooperation between young people on a global scale.

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