Michoacán día de muertos –

  • The ¨Day of the dead¨ is the pre-Hispanic tradition in which death is celebrated and the return of loved ones who have left is awaited, to receive them with exquisite dishes and drinks, which are offered in large and beautiful altars adorned with flowers and candlelights.

    The day of the dead is one of our most representative traditions, which in 2008 was declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Mexico, so you cannot miss the opportunity to experience it and what better than in the most typical for this celebration, the state of Michoacán.

  • The town of Tzintzuntzan, where we visit its traditional pantheon, which is filled with flowers, colors, light, and tradition for the celebration of the dead; Also, the archaeological ruins of Yacatas are visited.

  • The Magical Town of Pátzcuaro. The best place to live the tradition of the day of the dead, as it is here where the customs of this festival have been mostly preserved. Here you can see the great altars and offerings, streets with traditional music, gastronomy, regional dances, and much more.

  • Janitzio Island, where a night walk is made to the local pantheon, where the natives of the island watch over their dead during the night of November first.

  • Quiroga, a beautiful town known nationally for the delight of its delicious taco dish, the pork carnitas where we have the opportunity to taste them in the traditional stalls located in the main square.

  • Morelia, the capital of the State of Michoacán, a city with a colonial style and one of the most beautiful in Mexico. We visit its imposing cathedral, aqueduct, fountains, and buildings made of pink quarry stone.

  • Los Azufres, a beautiful natural park with hot springs in the middle of a cold forest. Here we enjoy its natural pools with warm waters and the unmatched view of the Laguna Larga.