Meet the Staff

Pablo Reylar –

Founder - 2011

I never thought an exchange to Norway would transform my life. What started as a casual gathering today is IIPUMA. I’m witty, curious.

Óscar Molina –

Founder - 2012

My name is Oscar, I am a mechanical engineer with a M.Sc., currently dedicated to technological innovation projects.

Sharon Aguilar –

Founder - 2013

I'm Sharon, environmental biologist and dancer. IIPUMA for me will always be that space where I can develop and explore my interests.

Emmanuel Ortz –

Organizational Excellence - 2016

I describe myself as an outgoing, happy, respectful person, who likes to help others, very friendly.

Jesús Martínez –

Operational Excellence - 2018

My name is Jesús Alberto. I am a happy boy, proud of his roots, and with an adventurous spirit. I am 23 years old.

María Diz –

Organizational Excellence -2018

Business administration Graduated, proudly Puma,traveler and adventurer. I love mountains and hiking.

Diana León –

Organizational Excellence - 2018

I am Diana, I am known for being the doctor of the group. You can count on a healing soul to accompany you on all your trips.

Amey Gómez –

Organizational Excellence - 2016

Biologist and lover of Neurosciences. I love trans-discipline. Ask me about my projects.

Richard Vargas –

Operational Excellence - 2020

Math student, I have high tastes for music, sports, travel, movies and food.

Ara Corral –

Operational Excellence - 2020

I studied industrial engineering and I consider myself an outgoing, fun and creative person.

Sha Ruíz –

Organizational Excellence - 2019

Dentistry student at UNAM and I am part of IIPUMA because I enjoy the healthy environment.

Mauricio Masson –

Organizational Excellence - 2017

I studied Biology at UNAM. I am a very friendly and social person. I like to travel and try the typical food of each place we visit.