Huasteca Potosina –

  • The Surrealist castle of Edward James in the town of Xilitla, a well-known place that seems to have come out of a fairy tale.

  • Sótano de las Golondrinas, one of the most impressive natural spectacles in Mexico.

  • Tamul Waterfall, a waterfall more than 105 meters high, with beautiful turquoise rivers to swim, paddle, and take the rapids that the riverbed offers us.

  • Tamasopo waterfalls, excellent for diving from great heights, jumping from a rope, or simply swimming.

  • Puente de Dios Reserve, a majestic deep blue water pool surrounded by waterfalls and with a beautiful cavern illuminated by the sun.

  • Media Luna Lagoon: A wonderful place to camp on the edge of the lagoon. With the possibility of snorkeling, bonfires, swimming, and taking the best photos.

  • Historic Center of San Luis Potosí, one more example of colonial buildings and its cultural offer, here we can visit the Museum of chocolate.