So… What’s traveling?

I read once that you travel NOT to escape from life but so that life does not escape from you. Experience and life have confirmed that this is true.While traveling you canbreathe life and learn the simplest dichotomy of existence: vulnerability and greatness of spirit.

  • Travelling is self-aware

Before being labeled as snob, traveling is not about expensive restaurants, luxury hotels or yachts in the Mediterranean, not at all!  Traveling is taking your eyes to any place where your soul feels free and aware of itself. Traveling is self-aware.

IIPUMA (Puma International Exchange) is born out of love and the need to find oneself and others who feel the need to open the eyes of the soulin a different place thanusual.

  • Travelling is an experience

For IIPUMA, traveling arecollective experiences that are born among those who come to live in Mexico with peers, with other eyes eager to share where it seems to be nothing important.

  • Travelling is let yourself be known

Since 2012, IIPUMA has grown, changed and is nourished by volunteers who understand traveling as something personal, spiritual, which starts from within and is shared.Traveling is to get to know others and letyourself be known.

  • Travelling is an attitude

If one day you feel like traveling, you can take your suitcase and go to a nearby place, it may be a town near the city, or your own neighborhood seen with the eyes of those who seek the new.Traveling is an attitude.

  • Travelling is solo… or not

The best thing about traveling is that it is something that you can do solo, but believe me, there are always people who would join. Hence my favorite saying: «if nobody wants to go with you, go alone, you will find people on the road.»

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By Pablo Reylar.